Sonntag, 11. März 2012

Ubiquity mockup in Qt Quick

I spent the last tree days in doing a Ubiquity (the Kde fontend) mockup written in Qt Quick. I have to say it was a nice experience so far. (I didn’t really know Qt Quick before)

First a picture of what it looks like:
Snapshot of my mockup

This is Video of what I got so far:

At the moment it is a clone of the old design, but Qt Quick makes it easy for designers to make bling design and it has way better effects included by now. Also I think using Qt Quick for the frontend of ubiquity would be great for the whole Ubuntu project, because we would only need to maintain one frontend instead of 2.

I plan to integrate the finall mockup into ubiquity and the Kubuntu team might use it in 12.10 as our frontend. If somebody want’s to help ping me in IRC (bulldog98 in #kubuntu-devel).

If you want to play with the sources just do a 

git clone git://

install kde-runtime, libqtwebkit-qmlwebkitplugin and qt4-qmlviewer gointo the directory and run

qmlviewer -I /usr/lib/kde4/imports Ubiquity-mockup.qml

Have fun with my mockup



  1. wow, schaut echt super aus!

  2. nice, i'm experimenting with the same stuff in chakra's installer tribe:

    it's far from completed though, as nothing is connected to the installer-logic and it uses's more like a mockup

    maybe we could join forces on some parts, like doing a proper partitioning widget.