Samstag, 17. September 2011

Kubuntu and KDE love story continued

I am proud to report that Kubuntu 11.10 has KDE SC 4.7.1 since about one week.

KDE 4.7.1 screenshot with gwenview and dolphin opened

Over the last couple of weeks the better part of the Kubuntu team has been working on bringing KDE SC 4.7.1 to Kubuntu.

Especially the last week we started to backport it to Kubuntu 11.04. We’ll need some more time since 4.7.1 need a lot being backported to natty.

Of course we would not be in that good a position for the 4.7.1 release without the excellent team of Kubuntu Ninjas, the elite release packagers working in the dungeon of our IRC channel.

Together they prepared 130 source packages for upload. And improved the scripts and added zsh completion they will be merged into our official repository soon.

A big thank you goes to:
  • Romain Perier – french reinforcement for the ninjas, though he is becoming a knight who says ni at the court of Phonon (or so someone told me)
  • Rohan Garg – he did quite a few packages and had nearly no time to do so
  • Michał Zając – who merged in nearly all the stuff I packaged :) (thanks mate)
  • Philip Muškovac – not much of a blogger but a really good mate :)
  • Felix Geyer – who did only one package, but reuploaded all our packages to enable our new translation handling for desktop files
  • Scott Kitterman – the man who actually gets new stuff into the archive, or not, depending on whether he gets enough cookies, sometimes proper licensing also helps
  • Harald Sitter – who uploaded the translation packages, since my bandwidth is not sufficent
  • Myself – the new Kubuntu member who did lots of packages :P
Greetings from your friendly Kubuntu crew :)


  1. Thanks for all the hard work, everyone! Looking forward to 11.10. =)

  2. Is there any chance that Oneric will be release with old Kmail as an option. I have installed Oneric with Kmail2 on a second laptop and I am working with it for a week now. Kmail2 is really not really for daily use, it is slow and has still to many bugs (filtering not working, unread reading mode broken, system folders (trash, inbox, drafts, sent, spam) are not on top. There are also crashes. Everything is reported as a bug, but it seems to takes its time. So I would welcome it, when it would be possible to use Kmail1 in Oneric at least as an option.

  3. Sorry but old kmail does not work anymore with kdelibs greater than 4.6.

  4. Is there any chance to add digikam 2.1 for Kubuntu 11.10?

  5. Will come soon. See (

  6. Why does it take several weeks to backport to natty?
    My logic says that it's a bug-fix release and that the work was done in the 4.7.0. What takes the time done for 4.7.1?

  7. Problem is most devs are on vacations, I was working and hadn’t enought connection speed, all kind off wired dependencys, that must also be backported, wired build failures, some more wired build failures and a thing called RL.

  8. bravo to all.

    i dont use kubuntu but my wife has it on her Dell Mini 9 and both my parents use it (dad read about Shuttleworth and wanted to try the U but realize he couldnt stand Gnome) and are in their 80s.

    Dad started off on PCLinuxOS on the old 3.5 about 4-5 yrs ago and when he saw KDE4.2 on my test laptop, he said "I want THAT!" which happened to be Kubuntu at that time.
    Hes been very happy since (except for the darn icons in the system tray which cant be made bigger and are useless to older people).
    Mom got a laptop this year and is learning computers on..... Kubuntu 11.04.

    Dad loves to click on the update icon and watch the whole thing happen. The whole collaborative effort of FLOSS fascinates him.

    Along with some aunts and cousins and inlaws (PCLinuxOS, Mandriva w/KDE), i have 8 family members who are seniors who use KDE and are very happy with it (im happy i dont spend hrs on virus cleaning for them) and they are proof as are our children that Linux is truly easy for kids young and old.

    I just wanted to take this time to let you and your colleagues know how much your hard work is appreciated and how it benefits so many people around the world.


  9. Cowabunga! In a way I wish I was back on 11.10 as that was the last release when all my hardware did work 100. But I have to move with the times for work reasons and just put my toe in what turned out to be the very hot waters of 13.04. So on 12.10 for now.

    Big reasons to upgrade: new LibreOffice, new KDE SC. is there a possible way to "stay on working kernel/hardare" but go for newer productivity and DE releases? as in 11.10 with KDE SC 4.10 and Libreoffice 4??